Best Home Gym Equipment

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How to setup the best home gym

When you are looking to put together your own in-house home gym there are many factors to consider including choosing the best room, making sure its ventilated and spacious and above all choosing the correct gear you are comfortable working with that provides your body with all the support it needs to achieve your fitness goals.

Tips on constructing Your Home Exercise Space

As mentioned, choose a room with plenty of space, windows certainly are a must, because as you are exercising you will build up lots of heat and unless you have a fan or air conditioning it will become very hot very quickly .Your home exercise space should also have plenty of lighting, ideally get lights with dimming controls - there could be times you actually do prefer to work out at night time. Ensure you have adequate power points in the room to accommodate say a sound system or TV/DVD for motivation.

Picking the right exercise equipment on your home gym

there are only three kinds of exercises essential for your own fitness and physical health: stamina, strength, and flexibility. Like any form of exercise take it on a gradient, or walk before you can run. The wrong approach would be to just dive in doing say 300 strokes on a rowing machine, this could have serious implications health wise so do take it easy and build up a routine over time.

- Stamina exercises allow you to train longer and improve your overall endurance.

- Flexibility helps to ensure your human body stays mobile and agile, concentrating on keeping your joints and muscles receptive and fluid.

- Strength exercises are great for building up muscles and circulation keeping you lean and toned will contribute to your overall fitness.


What to put in my home gym

This is really a matter of choice. Below is a list of items that should be considered all come with various benefits and are to a greater or lesser degree contributory factors to your fitness.


This is really a basic in home fitness space and helps enhance your vigor. Treadmills can be motorised and manual. The former is naturally less expensive but is sold with fewer attributes. Which treadmill to choose? Well that’s down your budget prices can be up to £995 depending on the specs you desire.


Dumb-bells are very affordable, and start at around £3.50 a set. You ought to really invest in a few sets of various weights as you progress thus increasing resistance and working your-self up. As part of any fitness regime these are a must, there are certainly a lot of exercises that'll require that you use dumb-bells of various weights.Having one or more barbells in your home gym space is particularly critical for men. They are the next step up from dumbbell sets.


Absolutely essential as they are the most common part of any gym and for good reason, they will help you avoid slips and trips which in turn can save you from injury. Ideal to utilize performing exercises on your own whether you are on your back and lying down, to performing squats, pushups and other exercises.

Exercise Balls

Commonly called a medicine ball, its worth having one in your home exercise space. There are lots of things you can certainly do by having an exercise ball but its greatest advantage is it makes it simpler to perform flexibility exercises. They can still be used by both men and women benefiting the upper torso and building muscle.

Adjustable Seat

This really is significant if you are using your barbell and if you are doing lunges and blend exercises along with your dumb-bells. Adjusting its inclination can help tone all muscles within the human body.Full-Length Mirror - This is really important to make sure that you really have the right shape and position for any exercise you are performing. Unnecessary strain could be caused by the wrong position and injury to your body.

TV and DVD Players

This will really help you stay focused and exercise at a natural rate making the most gain per hour. The DVD off course can be a film, a fitness instruction video or perhaps music it is in a word motivation we are talking about here. Especially good if your using a treadmill as you can watch TV whilst your are exercising your legs. Ideally place the TV on a wall in front of you at eye level for the biggest benefits.

A set of scales

Just so you can weigh yourself and monitor progress.